Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Missing my dad…


Sometimes I can’t believe how fast time flys…it seems like yesterday when I was sitting in my mom’s kitchen asking my dad to make me his famous pancakes.


I can remember his laugh, his smile, his jokes, his games with money and who was on each bill and if I got it right I got to keep it.


I remember him driving up from the city every Sunday to see me, never missing a visit and even if it took him 4 hours to drive in a snowstorm to be there with me for Christmas morning, he did it.


I remember the trips into Manhattan, the restaurants and Broadway shows, the yearly Christmas and Easter shows watching the Rocketts dance at Radio city music Hall. I remember the smell of the leather in his car and how we would sing Tom Jones songs together.


I remember the day he dropped me off in town,he gave me ice cream money and told me he loved me and would see me next Sunday….I remember that would be the last time I saw his handsome face.


On the way home from seeing me he would have a heart attack in his car and would be gone at the early age of 45…it can’t possibly be 35 years already since that day, can it? Where did the time go?


There are times that I wish I could talk to him, things I wish he was here for…my graduation day…to walk walk me down the aisle at my wedding… to see his granddaughters being born…to comfort me as I  was getting divorced, to help me become a better mother and business women…so many times I wished he was here.


Yet even though he went home, he is still in my heart  and I still think of him all the time and miss him so…


But so many great things happen on this day as well reminding me that he is always here with me…

I signed the lease for my new home on this day, finally being free from my marriage, I sold my business on this day…and last year I got Baptist on this day…so I know he is looking down on me smiling, even if he is not here.


So today my friends, remember live is too short, you never know when in a heart beat, it will be gone. Heal old wounds…forgive the past, tell someone you love them, spend time with your parents before you have regrets that will last a lifetime. Before you know it you will be left here with olny your memories.


Be the change you want to see”


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