When what you prayed for doesn’t come…

So I prayed for my divorce to go my way ,hell I deserved it with all the years he treated me like crap, this was going to be payback right? No! God had other plans but could I get pasted my own ego, and anger to see that? Well God has a sense of humor he might not give you what uou ask for when you ask for.it ,but your prayers will always be answered. Sitting at the table with my attorney and the judge they felt sorry for me and instead of me having to pay them eighteen hundred, they took eight hundred between them, and yes I said right there I was blessed! Then as I was sitting there feeling sorry for my self I got.a.contact on my business that I just started?? Yes blessed, when I left the judge took my cards because she wanted to hire me and get me business ,really? Get me in car listen to all of my messages from family and friends telling me that they love me and are behind me, then one fron a well known moving company who was referred to me and wanted to refer me out to all their clients?? ( I cant make this up people!!)

So I realized that my purpose here is to inspire others that all the horrible stuff ive been through and gotten past with the belief that god will take care of me, that I am grateful for all my blessings even in the darkest of moments! That if you believe and hold on to your faith nothing is impossible!

So even as I thought that I didnt get all that I deserved,God said “no ,you no longer need to depend on him for anything,just believe in me and here you go, I will fulfill all your needs!

Keep believing!!!