It doesn’t matter what anyone says…

When I was young it didnt matter what anyone said about me ,it was amazing how young I learned that and how thick my skin was back then.

In high school every one said I was a whore because I hung out with alot of guys,but little did they know I was a virgin until I was eighteen,I was with my high school sweetheart for six years before we did anything. But here were these people talking shit about me,so I realized then it didn’t matter what they said I knew the truth and no matter what they would talk so I got

My ex was big on:

. “What will this one say? That one will say this if you do that”

” real ladies Don’t bite their nails, curse (insert your idea) what will people think”

So I please him and “I loved him” so I started worrying about what they thought.

Guess what I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason and I was always worried about what he thought until recently when he gave me a gift, he said I was a moocher just like my mother! He charged my mom 800.00 a month to live in our home, she bought all the groceries, feed the animals and took care of of children whenever we were late or went out .

My mother a moocher? She was the first to chase the bill so she could pay, get bogo and give it to a neighbor, she might have been a lot of things but moocher was not one of them ! When he said this I knew he was delusional,truly delusional ,it was the the best gift I ever got.from him! I knew from that moment.on that nothing he will ever say to me will ever hold water, it wouldn’t matter it wouldn’t hurt or effect me because I know he’s delusional!!

Stella has got her groove back and I again no longer care or worry about what people say or think about me ! Yes I lip sync while I run , go on talk that I am nuts (I am happy to be able to run!) , they can talk that I put out all my business on my blog ( its because I want to inspire others and let them see the good the bad and the ugly)

you might say she’s a bible thumped (god saved my life) whatever you got to say it doesn’t really matter to me! You do you ,I am doing meĀ ! I will not waste a second of my incredible life worrying about you think ,you don’t have a life and worry about mine? Go on ,knock your socks off!

Yesterday while having to talk to my ex he said “just wait ! You’ll see!” A threat he would always throw at me ,I would apologize for things I didn’t do ,I Would be afraid of the cold shoulder for weeks, I would do my power to please him those days are over!!

OVER! I said “what? You have nothing to hold over my head anymore, I am not afraid of you and I dont care what you have to say or think!”

I am now a big girl with my big girl panties on!! I no longer I am happy, I feel joy , I am blessed I no longer need nor want your opinions! I am good, wait no I am great!!!