Is age just a number?

I was talking to my girlfriend from New Jersey last night and we got into the discussion about older women with younger men, how old is too old and how young is yuck!

Being new to the dating scene, this is a whole new ball game for me and I am learning quick ! I have a girlfriend who was dating someone thirteen years younger,but here’s the thing, she looks young, acts young and is hot so you would never guess her age.

I have to tell you the guys my age look and act like old men! Hey I already did ugly,fat and bald and  I do not intend to repeat it! I someone who takes care of themselves, can keep up with me and sorry is good looking, hey I am honest here! I just got out of prison here, I am looking at eye candy !

Ok that doesn’t make a man, a sense of humor is a huge turn on for me ,a big heart, romantic, but it should come wrapped in a nice package! Now stop you are all thinking the same thing, I just have the cohones to say it!

Back to the discussion, so it seems like the young men have the same activity level that women our age have so why not date younger? Its ok if both people are on the same page, like if they both dont want anymore kids, or another marriage then hey why not?

So big question how many years until you get to yuck? If a man is fifty and he’s dating a thirty four year old is that yuck or is it olny yuck if she’s twenty? ok that is yuck! But if your a hot fourty eight year old whos dating a smart, older than his age thirty three year old is that ok?

My mother was eighteen years younger than my dad and they were married forty years! She kept him young and he kept her on her toes!

So my opinion is go for it! Just make sure your both are on the same page about what you want and make sure your okay with who you are.

I don’t even remember how old I am sometimes, so for me its easy ,I know who I am now I am a smart, funny, independent, sexy as hell women who has been around the block and am good with it all! So go ahead call me a cougar, call me whatever you want, just make sure somewhere in there you call me extremely happy!!