The next half of your life will be the best half of your life

I believe that the next half of my life will be the best half of my life, there is no doubt in my mind ! I went through my horrible season and I did so with grace, with my head held high and with the faith that God will pull me through anything that life had to throw at me I visioned what freedom would look like, I pictured myself in my own place,happy in peace being independent even on days that I hated my life and didn’t think I could go on, I could see the second half of my life.I know.all that had happened in my past was getting me ready for the second act of my life. Like an actor I had to know what my lines were I had to be prepared so that I knew what I was talking about. I know my purpose now that I am suppose to be a voice to others and share my testimony of how I was raised liked the Phoenix out of the ashes better and stronger!

I once heard my Bishop said that his faith was undying,unwavering,unstoppable and that is what I want to be like ,I have tried from that day on to be like my Bishop, live by those words so when I say I wil have a New York Times bestseller book ,I am not just wishing it,I believe it ,I know it to be true, it shall be done that is how strong my belief is ! And when I say the next half of my life will be the best half ,have the conviction behind it ,I know it is to be that way, no doubts, no fears just a undying faith and belief. So what does the second half of your life look like?