There are many people who come through your life and hopefully from each of them you learn something. I try to see every experience as a lesson, what did I learn from it, also from the people in my life. Everyone is there to teach you something if you are open to learn.   My girlfriend Melva came back into my life to show me you can do anything at any age, that there are people who know what you are going through and will hold your hand and go through it with you,encouraging you all the way. . My girlfriend Giselle to what a strong independent women who does it all on her own, looks like. My girlfriend Audrey to overcome.even have many burdens, my girlfriend Halley to always have faith and trust your instincts, my friend Jilly jill that there is more to a person then a disease, that your incredible positive attitude can get you through anything. To my first love, who taught me to love big, to truly know a person for his soul and not what the outside world sees,how to be kind and always there for others. To my girls, who taught me undying love and to find the strength to make a change so that I may show them what a healthy relationship looks like and what true joy and peace looks like. To my Bishop, to have undying faith and my church family, that people are wonderful and embracing, and that yes you make mistakes but its ok they still love you My friend Patti that you can change your heart and open up to a whole new life, my very best friend Riccardo who never gave up on me and taught me the biggest lesson to forgive, even after you betrayed someone and broke their trust. That one was huge as I should’ve been able to ever be.friends with him again,but he forgave me and for that lesson I am eternally grateful!   Then there are others like my ex who taught me to really see the warning signs, to never give up your power,to know that you can never make anyone else happy,that it has to come from within. To Cheri who I no longer speak to because of her negativity, I realized it was sucking me dry , that some people aren’t meant to be in your life forever. They are there to also teach you lessons you don’t want to repeat.   To my God who without him none of this would be possible! To have blind faith, to believe in him and all will be done,that he has bigger dreams than I could ever dream of! I am blessed with many friends and from each of them I have learned such valuable lessons, lessons that I will have forever even if that person is no longer in your life,the lesson still resides. So what lessons are you learning?