Your never too old to change!

I am a big believer in you are never to old to do anything or change anything. Well… you say I cant because I’m too tall ,yes you are, I’m too short and guess what your not going to grow, I’m a certain skin color, not changing any time soon, I’m too poor, I’m not smart enough, my husband/wife/ mother/father/ teacher says I can never do it!

Yes you can sit here all day and fill in the blanks with why you cant do it, believe me I have done it why do you think I stayed in a verbally abusive marriage for so.long, because I filled in all the blanks! I know what it is to be afraid of change but if we don’t change we will die and we will die with regrets and I don’t want any regrets! I want to be that sixty-four year old women who tried and tried and tried to swim from cuba to key west no one thought she could do it, but she knew she could and kept trying at sixty four!!!

Someone asked me what do I want my time to be in the triathlon, I answered before dark I hope! It doesn’t matter to me I never in a million years thought I would be doing that so as long as I cross the finish line ,even if I have to crawl across  will be a good day!

I am going to be fourty nine I am doing a triathlon,I just got divorced,I business, I am writing and a blog, I am moving out of a home ive lived in for ten years there are so many things I never thought were possible, but I tried, I decided.age is.just a number and change isn’t as scary as I once thought!

So do you want to fill in your blanks with regrets or do you to fill them in with new exciting challenges? The pen is in your hand,choose wisely.