All that your blessed with. .

I don’t think about what I don’t have in my life,I think of all I am blessed with in my life. Yes there are times that life is tough and you wonder why isn’t God listening, to help you but its not on your time, its Gods time and the times that your going through are going to be  testimonies later on. When you look back and think “wow that was tough and I didn’t think I could get through that” 

in those dark times were you saying poor me or were you saying “yes this is a dark time but I am grateful for just waking up or because I have a home, or I am healthy,  or my girls are healthy” there are plenty of blessings you can be grateful for! 

So at this time of my life it is just crazy, trying to pack and move , starting a new business, training for a triathlon,  trying to finish my book there are some days I think what was I crazy! I am so exhausted but I wake up and give thanks for all my blessings and am grateful for all he has done in my life, this is nothing compared to the darkness and dispare I felt day after day for so many years and even then I still felt blessed and still gave thanks.

So today stop and think about what your blessed with and be grateful because it could have been another way.