What could you have been if you didn’t quit…..

What could you have done if you didn’t quit… we all have failures in our lives but you have to keep going otherwise you will never know what greatness is waiting for you!

I was listening to Steve Harvey and he was telling about how many failed business he did , how many times people told him he couldn’t do it , but he kept trying, kept getting back up, never giving up but he believed he could do and learned that ever failure was a lesson, wisdom to try something different but never giving up and look with Gods grace and mercy where he is now. Was it an easy path?no is it easy for any of us? No lets be real here life is not easy its just how you look at it, its 90% of what life throws at you 10%of what you do about it.

SO either you can give up when times get tough or you can pull yourself up, dust yourself off and keep trying!

Look I could have gave up years ago and aid the hell with it I am stuck in this horrible marriage , no where job and got a bad attitude but I didn’t I kept believing that things would change , I kept pushing forward and never stopped even when we things got thrown at me I kept going , I never gave up and look at what’s happened, things I never thought would happen,  so whats your excuse? Yes you failed,  yes you got knocked down but its not over  believe me its far from over!