Everyone needs to find their own path

Every once needs to find their own path to joy and peace, as much ad you want to help others, ultimately it is up to them to take the first steps to change their lives.

You have to first be sick and tired of being sick and tired , then you have to have the willpower to say no matter what I am going to do this , it Doesn’t matter what life throws at me in the mean time, I am determined to do this. You then have to change your atmosphere,  you might have to change your hang outs and even friends who are keeping you down, yes it will be tough I will tell you but how bad do you want this?  Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Make sure you don’t for the right reasons don’t change to try to please anyone else,  yes they say sometimes a man wants wants to be better because of someone special in their lives , that’s great but you have to want it for you first and if it makes it better for that special person in your life, bonus!but not to get them or keep them because you feel there has to be more than this?what is my purpose?am I all that I can be? Do I have joy in my heart ?is there peace in my life? These are the tough questions you must ask yourself and then you must have determination, , preservation and faith to know it can happen and I promise you , you too can find that peace and joy you are looking for.