I choose to live healthy. ..

I had my best friends in from my home town,  New York this weekend,  it was great to see them and hang out. 

Years ago we were the “party” we stayed out late and drank all night only to come home take a shower, go to work and start all over as soon as work was over.

Well for me those days are long gone, besides having kids which cuts your partying days off completely, I choose to live a healthy lifestyle, I am up at 5 am every morning at the gym by 5:30 I work out for an hour and a half , I eat egg whites with whole wheat toast no butter, I eat grass and trees, brown rice, turkey and chicken nothing ever fried, I  ride my bike, I mediate, do yoga,  I even joined a gym on vacation ,hell I did a triathlon! I am in bed at 10 pm too tired to keep my eyes open. I choose this lifestyle, so when my partying friends are here,  I let loose, hell I am human! But this trip I realize I cant stay out till 4 or 5 am downing shots all night , and unless your a gym rat , you cant understand my living like that. I need a detox from one weekend, I feel like shit, my stomach is killing me , my body hurts and my head feel like its going to explode! Yet here it is 6 am and I am here at the gym, this is what I choose, how I choose to live , I cant explain it to anyone, you have to be a gym rat to understand this lifestyle.

I will still party with my friends when they come down just at my pace and with the knowledge I will feel like crap for the next week.

But you can guarantee I will be at the gym on Monday!