Step up or step back…

Being single after twenty four years is definitely a trip! But I am trying to look at everything with a open mind and trying to step out of the box (okay not in the Christian Grey way!) Just getting out and meeting new people and doing new things.

I have mostly been in long term relationships all my life, I am a one man women and I love being in a relationship. So for me online dating had some getting used to like the fact that 90 % of the guys ¬†want to “hook up” (new dating term for one night stand guess they think it sounds better!)

I am not the “hook up ” type so realizing that was a eye opener, also the guy who wanted me to spank him, the one into whips and chains (and no he didn’t look anything like Christian Grey, please!) And the one who decided he should meet my girls after one date(yea right buddy, delete!)

Then there are the ones who seem like they are into you but then back off only to come back with a vengeance then dissappear again.

What is up with that? Step up or step back ! In or out … pick one!

Hell we are adults here not in middle school what’s with all the games?

Have I missed something here? All of a sudden with the computer and text messages everyone suddenly has balls the didn’t have before saying things they would never dare say to you in person!Look I am who I am, take it or leave it doesn’t matter to me I am who I am the good the bad and the ugly, I’m not changing for anyone anymore.So I guess this is going to be my learning curve in the “new”dating scene bit I will not put up or settle for being second place, not number one or an afterthought, I believe in fairly tales, ¬†happily ever after and the prince sorry I will never change and you know what (okay I will wait till you stop laughing) I visualized all of these wonderful things that happened to me in the last year don’t think this wont come to past!