What could you have been if you didn’t quit…..

What could you have done if you didn’t quit… we all have failures in our lives but you have to keep going otherwise you will never know what greatness is waiting for you!

I was listening to Steve Harvey and he was telling about how many failed business he did , how many times people told him he couldn’t do it , but he kept trying, kept getting back up, never giving up but he believed he could do and learned that ever failure was a lesson, wisdom to try something different but never giving up and look with Gods grace and mercy where he is now. Was it an easy path?no is it easy for any of us? No lets be real here life is not easy its just how you look at it, its 90% of what life throws at you 10%of what you do about it.

SO either you can give up when times get tough or you can pull yourself up, dust yourself off and keep trying!

Look I could have gave up years ago and aid the hell with it I am stuck in this horrible marriage , no where job and got a bad attitude but I didn’t I kept believing that things would change , I kept pushing forward and never stopped even when we things got thrown at me I kept going , I never gave up and look at what’s happened, things I never thought would happen,  so whats your excuse? Yes you failed,  yes you got knocked down but its not over  believe me its far from over!

Starting a new life!

I remember when I was so afraid of change, I didn’t want to rock the boat, I didn’t think I could do it by myself, I hated my life but was too afraid of the unknown to do anything about it.

When I awoke this morning and look around in my almost unpacked new home I couldn’t help but smile and give thanks that I made the move to change. I am so very happy and  so very grateful to God, to my girls, to my wonderful family and friends who were always there to give me encouragement and support me.

I never knew I could be this happy, that no matter what I can do this and still have peace in my soul and such joy in my heart!

There is a Alisha Keys song that says

” and the day came when the the risk it took to remind tightly closed  in a bud was more painful then the risk it took to bloom, this is the element of freedom”

this is how I felt, no matter how scary I thought change could be staying was just killing me and so it was worth the risk.

SO… are you afraid of change? Maybe you should imagine how great it could be …beleive me it will be greater then you could ever imagine!

I did a triathlon!!

Well I am here to tell you all that if you set your mind to it you can do anything! If you would have asked me three years ago “would you do a triathlon?” I would still be laughing,  I hated running and I sucked at swimming so why on gods green earth would I ever want to? 

But then I saw the movie the bucket list and started my own , one of the first things were a marathon why I hated running did you now just read that? But hell Oprah did it , if she can do it I sure as hell can do it! So I trained and trained and I did it! Even with a swollen and bruised ankles I taped it jp anx did it! 

So I always thought it would be cool to say I did a triathlon but again did you read, I cant swim so I looked for the smallest swim when I found one I started training and yes I looked like a drown cat in the pool , it was a sorry site to see, people almost called 911 , yes it was that bad but I kept trying and every day for months, so on Thursday night when I was packing my car to go I smashed my pinkie toe and broke it , my friends said I should cancel.  That wasnt in my vocabulary I was going and the morning of the triathlon there were pizza size jelly fish (I can not make this up people!) They said you dont have to do the swim , I didn’t train this long to do that! So with wrapped up toe I swam and yes I did get bite in the ass by one (okay I didnt say this was going to easy!)  I finished the swim , peed on myself and jumped on my bike where I made up some time, then comes the run and I start and the foe is really hurting, I put on my music say a prayer and dig deep then run half way through the skies turn black and it pours on my head, I yelled “bring it on I will not quit, give it your best shot! Not a divorce,  a move, a horrible ex, a broken toe, stung ass or pouring rain or lighting will stop me !are you listening??I will finish!”

And I did I crossed that finish line beat up but smiling from ear to ear knowing I did it! And later when they posted the results I placed 3 out of 18 in my age group 40-49 no really?was my thoughts too its okay if you said it lol I wanted to just cross the finish line before dark that was my goal placing anything besides last wasn’t even a thought to me so that was the icing on the cake for me ! Wow how cool! I put my mind on something,  I trained, I believed I could do it, I was determined and had perseverance and faith just like Bishop said and I did it!! So what do you think you do think hou cant do? Try it you will amaze yourself!


You can do anything you set your mind to!

I write this blog to try to inspire people to let them know they are not alone with the trials and tribulations of life.

That nothing is out of reach if you believe,  and here yet is another thing that I never would have dreamed I would be doing ten years ago, a triathlon,  hell I hate running and I suck at swimming,  what was I thinking! But its a bucket list thing and I wanted to celebrate my birthday and my freedom from a horrible verbally abusive 24 year marriage, this was the best way to top it off.

I can do anything! I can leave a bad marriage , I can start my own business, I can start over, I can believe in my God and my self  and yes I can do a triathlon! I might come in last but hell if I’m mot going to cross that finish line!

For a women who was afraid of change, who thought she was less then , who was so low at one point I cried every day because I hated my life and Would have ended it all if it wasn’t for my girls.

yes that’s how bad it was , now look how things are I am so happy more than I could have even dreamt I could be, so yes you can do it too there is no difference between me and you I am just here telling my story to let you know nothing is impossible!