When is enough, enough?

There comes a time when enough is enough, this applies to all areas in your life. When your relationship is enough, enough cheating, lying, put downs, you are done, you want out at all cost.

When your job is crushing you, you hate going every day , you are not fullfiling your dreams or Gods Destiny for you, you are suffocating it doesn’t matter how much money you are making it is not worth it.

What about your partying ways?are you drinking every day, your sick of waking up every day feeling like you got run over by a bus, you miss work, lay in bed, swearing you wont do it again, yet there you are next weekend pounding them down. When is it enough?

When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired that is when it will be enough ! When you cant possibly imagine going through one more day doing this, when you want better for yourself and your life.

When you start to love yourself and want to share your life with a person who cares about you, or you don’t want to end up alone and a drunk, or thirty years later with a gold watch for a job you hated.

I realized when my healthy mom suddenly pasted away, how short life is truly is and I didn’t want to waste a second longer being unhappy and being sick and tired so I made a change and my life is incredible! You can change your life when the day comes and you realize enough is enough then all things are possible.