Don’t let hate or anger be your cancer. .

Don’t let Hate or revenge become your cancer..There are a lot of people out ┬áso bitter about things that has happened to them and for many it might be justified

Is that how you want to go through life? With a cancer like hate that eats you up, consumes your every waking thoughts?are you thinking of revenge, how you want to see them end up or get even?

You need to let it go, give it to God and let it go it says “vengeance is mine” it wasn’t talking about you, it was talking about God’s vengeance. Everyone has to answer for his own actions eventually, its not for you to decide when.

While you are hating and plotting it is like a cancer growing inside of you, you keep feeding it with your negative thoughts, your hateful heart and it keeps growing, meanwhile the other person is going on with there lives not knowing or not caring about how you feel about them.

So the only one this is affecting is you! You have to forgive to move forward. I was raped when I was fifteen it took years of built up hate and anger but I realized I couldn’t move on unless I released it and as soon as I did my life opened up.

For the last twenty four years I was in a horrible verbally abusive marriage, but when I let him I left my hate and anger there, I realized I had a lesson to learn, I learned it it was now my testimony and I moved on, I don’t wish either one of them harm, I know that one day they will reap what they sow, that karma always wins and that it is not up to me all that’s up to me is to let it go!

So free yourself , get the cancer out of you, stop making yourself sick, let it go !