Discouragement is a test of your faith

Yes we are all human as much as I am positive there are times that even I get down and discouraged. 

Recently I awoke to a morning of troubles, my alarm never went off and I missed church, then after 4 weeks of no Internet, countless phone calls and service visits I awoke to find it not working yet again.

I called at 8 am after pressing 1, pressing 2 tell your story, get disconnected 5 times, getting transfer4 times, telling your information yet again to someone who doesn’t speak English I was about done!

After 5 hours , no I could not make this up I finally got my service fixed, I went out to my car to find it dead, had to call AAA and wait two hours then get a new battery and go on my way to the rest of my errands.

I tell you all this because this is life and sometimes it happens to all of us , the business is growing as fast as you want it , your kids are messing up, your ex is a smuck, you get discouraged and your faith starts to wavier. Through all of this I prayed, I gave thanks for all the good things , I never said why me , or great what else is going to happen to me. Was I pissed yes but through it all I still have faith, that things will be aright, that is is just a test to see if your still going to believe or throw in the towel. For me all things that happen in my life good or bad are tests for my testimony.I want to have have undying faith and so each day I work at it , I practice and I hope that one day I will never get discouraged. So how do you look at your bad days?