You words create your world..

My bishop said those words last night and they hit home because even in my darkest times I always prayed and asked for certain things, I visualized what my life was going to look like , even what my home would look like. I spoke the words that I am successful, I am peaceful,  I am blessed,  I am joyous and all of this came to pass. 

I believed even while tears streaming down my face and my heart breaking,  I knew he had greater things for me, that I would just have to hold on, keep giving thanks even if it was just waking me up, I gave thanks for my girls and their health, my health something every day.

I could see what I wanted my life to be, feel it , smell it and touch it it was that real to me. Yes I did my part I read books to try to improve myself , I took classes , I researched things I want to do and become and then I left it to God

My girlfriend told me today she prayed on a 5000 raise , she believed it as if it already happened and it did!  My praise leader prayed over a illness threatening to his vocal cords, this man who sings like an angel he saw himself well believed that he would get better and he is! 

Yes your words create your world, speak wisely!