You reap what you sow

Yes you can call it anything you want , karma, pay back , the atmosphere,  the universe but in the end it comes back to you.

You can’t run away from it or hide from it , it will find you and even if years go by and you think you’ve gotten away with it,Not! Its coming, look out.

If your negative , you will get negatively,  if your mean, you will be treated bad by someone else. If your always unhappy , there will be more coming your way, its a fact you get back what you put out , the law of attraction at its best.

Though this change in my life I have decided that I will never be negative, I will never be ungrateful,  I will never be unkind or not be there for someone in need.

I want ti be the best I can be , I want to always look on the bright side, the glass is always half full in my house! I want to be a blessing to others, I want to reap what I sow big time! But the things I do I don’t think about what I will receive in the end I do it because I want to be a blessing,  I want to inspire others , I truly want the best for people in my life. The reaping is the bonus. 

So what are you sowing? And what will that havest bring you later on?