There are 3 realities in life..

You  missed the moment because you have fear and anguish worrying about things you cannot change!

3 realities you have in your life is:

1-your past,you cant change it, it was there to teach you a lesson.

2-your present, live in the moment, enjoy every second,why worry abiut the future when you don’t know what’s going to be.

3-your future, you dont know whats going to happen, why stress about it

What ever may or may not happen it doesn’t matter no amount of stress, worry, or crying is going to change it so why would you waste your energy on it?

Why not just pray and let God worry! Believe that great things are coming your way, and that at this moment you are exactly where you are supposed to be, good , bad or in different,  it is where you are. Why say poor me, only bad happens to me, this is always going to be my life. Your putting out what you will get back, the law of attraction people!

Stop give thanks for what you have, know and believe that soon it will be your season and enjoy this moment, you will never have it again.