Its amazing how time flys..

Today my oldest turns seventeen and I think where did the time go? It seems like it was just yesterday that she came into this world, a premie, tiny and helpless and I blinked my eyes and now she is almost a grown women.

So many things have happened in seventeen years, there was happiness and joy having my first child that we tried for for so long, Then we were blessed with yet another miracle baby and we had such high expectations and hopes.

Life takes you in all directions,  you think your going this way when all of a sudden, BAM! Life throws you a curve and you have to roll with it.

No matter what happened in the last seventeen years I am so blessed that God chose to bless me with two wonderful girls

They are the apple of my eyes, they are smart and beautiful and kind and bring joy to my heart every time I look at them.

So my wish for her today as she is still a girl yet still a women is that she enjoy each and every moment. 

Live in the present, forget the past , it is your mistakes and your failures that make you stronger,  don’t worry about the future,  it will come fast enough, just be present because one day you will blink your eyes and seventeen years will have gone by and you wont believe how fast time flies.