New Year, new beginnings…

A new year, new beginnings,yes every New Years we have a chance to change things, to make things better,to let go of some things that no longer do us any good, to eat better, exercise more, be kinder and the list goes on and on.

But do we really need a day to wait for so that we might change these things?

Isn’t everyday a new day? Why not start tomorrow? ¬†today? This minute? This very second? Why don’t we try to be our very best every day?

If it possible to start over on New Years why isn’t it possible to change anytime in our lives, why do we judge people on sins of their past? Can any of us say we are the same people we were thirty years ago, twenty years ago even five years ago?

I would hope that people wouldn’t judge me on the stupid things I did thirty years ago, I have grown and I have learned alot of lessons.

That is what life is all about isn’t it?why is it that if last New year’s you said you were going to lose thirty pounds, but a year goes by and not only haven’t you lost thirty pounds you out on ten extra. Would you want people telling you twenty years later “well you never did that, you can’t change” no, no one would, there are plenty of things all of us have done that we are ashamed of or wished we could have changed, but its the past that’s why its is called the past, ¬†its behind you.

Tomorrow is a brand new day, just like New years is a brand new year. So don’t wait to change and don’t assume that others haven’t changed. Time waits for no one, use yours wisely.