New Year, new faith…

Its a new year, how do you plan to start it off? I have already seen and heard from people things that make me wonder.

I heard “last year sucked and this year is going to suck”

” things never change for me and it never will”

“This year sucks already, I am alone, I am poor, I am unhappy”

Hello!! Is this the way you are starting off a new year? Is this what your putting out to the universe? Then believe me this and much more is what you will getting back!

What kind of faith do you have? There have been more changes in my life  then I could have ever dreamed of, some good, some not but I believe that all good things will come my way, I believe God has bigger and better plans for me then I could dream for myself.

My new years resolution is to have bigger faith, to never have fear or doubt about what is going to happen, I just believe.

my job is to put positive energy out , to speak of great things that is going to happen and to try to be a blessing to others.

So think about your faith and think about what you are putting out there,  remember the law of attraction is alive and well.