When sparks fly…

Its amazing that some people have such a connection, that when they walk into a room and their eyes meet, its like they are the only two people in there.

When you catch them looking at each when they think the other ones not looking, and it takes your breathe away.

When the anticipation of seeing that person makes you get weak in the knees and hearing their voice can make your day.

When knowing that you made them smile or laugh makes you feel like your on top of the world and you would do anything to have that feeling again.

When just walking by them, you feel the electricity of your bodies and it takes all you have to hold yourself back.

When your talking to others but you feel their eyes watching every move you make,

When all you think of is the next time you will see them or hear their voice.

This is what we all wish to have one day…and if we are not afraid, if we  are willing to make some sacrifices, if we can open up our hearts and believe that the feelings can turn into something wonderful, then and only then, it could turn into a love of a lifetime.