letting go is the hardest thing to do

There are sometimes in life where you must let go of things that no longer serve purpose in your life, things that cause you heartache, or things that you know are not getting you to a place your longing to get to.

This goes for everything including people in your life, if you have a purpose there are times that, that person does not fit into your purpose. They are holding you back from the greatness god has for, maybe its the negative relative that always puts down every idea or thought you say, maybe its the husband or wife that makes you feel horrible about yourself, maybe its the person your in love with, who can not or will not return the love you need.

These people are keeping you stuck in neutral, you cant move forward because your still holding on, hoping they will change..and it been how long? A year?5 years?10 years? When is it enough?

Its enough when you realize that you haven’t come this far to be stuck in neutral, that you are ready to move forward, that there are bigger and better things awaiting for you, you just have to do one of the hardest things your ever going to do and that is to cut them out of your life.

Will it be easy?  oh Hell no! I wont lie, but there is no other choice if you want to progress in your life.

You meed to start putting you first, especially if your my age , time is ticking and we don’t have any to waste.

There might be something or someone right there for you but your so stuck on stupid you miss it!

You cannot change someone else, you can be there, you can give advice but eventually its on them to want to change, not for someone else but for themselves. 

You are on your path and as much as you wish, pray and cry for this to happen for them, until they want it as much for themselves as you want it for them, you are just standing in neutral banging your head against the steering wheel. 

They have their path, you have yours, have a pity party, stay in your pj’s all day , cry your eyes out, grieve for your loss.

Then wake up the next morning,  get dressed,get in your car, its time to free up your pathway, put yourself on go and hit the gas, dont look back !

Steve Harvey says “you cant drive your car, looking in the rear view mirror”

Look For the blessings they are straight ahead!

When sparks fly…

Its amazing that some people have such a connection, that when they walk into a room and their eyes meet, its like they are the only two people in there.

When you catch them looking at each when they think the other ones not looking, and it takes your breathe away.

When the anticipation of seeing that person makes you get weak in the knees and hearing their voice can make your day.

When knowing that you made them smile or laugh makes you feel like your on top of the world and you would do anything to have that feeling again.

When just walking by them, you feel the electricity of your bodies and it takes all you have to hold yourself back.

When your talking to others but you feel their eyes watching every move you make,

When all you think of is the next time you will see them or hear their voice.

This is what we all wish to have one day…and if we are not afraid, if we  are willing to make some sacrifices, if we can open up our hearts and believe that the feelings can turn into something wonderful, then and only then, it could turn into a love of a lifetime.  

New Year, new faith…

Its a new year, how do you plan to start it off? I have already seen and heard from people things that make me wonder.

I heard “last year sucked and this year is going to suck”

” things never change for me and it never will”

“This year sucks already, I am alone, I am poor, I am unhappy”

Hello!! Is this the way you are starting off a new year? Is this what your putting out to the universe? Then believe me this and much more is what you will getting back!

What kind of faith do you have? There have been more changes in my life  then I could have ever dreamed of, some good, some not but I believe that all good things will come my way, I believe God has bigger and better plans for me then I could dream for myself.

My new years resolution is to have bigger faith, to never have fear or doubt about what is going to happen, I just believe.

my job is to put positive energy out , to speak of great things that is going to happen and to try to be a blessing to others.

So think about your faith and think about what you are putting out there,  remember the law of attraction is alive and well. 

New Year, new beginnings…

A new year, new beginnings,yes every New Years we have a chance to change things, to make things better,to let go of some things that no longer do us any good, to eat better, exercise more, be kinder and the list goes on and on.

But do we really need a day to wait for so that we might change these things?

Isn’t everyday a new day? Why not start tomorrow?  today? This minute? This very second? Why don’t we try to be our very best every day?

If it possible to start over on New Years why isn’t it possible to change anytime in our lives, why do we judge people on sins of their past? Can any of us say we are the same people we were thirty years ago, twenty years ago even five years ago?

I would hope that people wouldn’t judge me on the stupid things I did thirty years ago, I have grown and I have learned alot of lessons.

That is what life is all about isn’t it?why is it that if last New year’s you said you were going to lose thirty pounds, but a year goes by and not only haven’t you lost thirty pounds you out on ten extra. Would you want people telling you twenty years later “well you never did that, you can’t change” no, no one would, there are plenty of things all of us have done that we are ashamed of or wished we could have changed, but its the past that’s why its is called the past,  its behind you.

Tomorrow is a brand new day, just like New years is a brand new year. So don’t wait to change and don’t assume that others haven’t changed. Time waits for no one, use yours wisely.