When saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do…

If you read my blog you know that I recently came out of a horrible marriage, even though I had been separated for two years, it had only been finalized this last year.

So I never dreamed of getting involved with someone, hell I wanted to have my freedom, do my own thing, I could do this, I don’t need anyone attitude. 

And then life throws you a curve ball out of left field and everything changes. I recently started dating an old high school ex and figured well he lives 1500 miles away, this is good, I’m not looking for anything anyway. 

Yet again another curve ball, you start to catch feelings and now that 1500 miles feels like it may as well be 15000 miles!

And every time you have to say goodbye it becomes rougher and rougher. I am thinking how did this happen? This was suppose to be a easy , fun thing, it was not supposed to get serious, crap how that happen?

But something changed maybe it was the way he treated me, like I was the most important person in the world, or how he opened the door for me or how he made me laugh or how my girls love him or a hundred other reasons that take my breathe away.

So here I am yet again standing at the airport, kissing him goodbye and counting the minutes until we are back together again.

I never wanted this, I was never looking for this…yet I’ve never been happier, so just like the last year, I am going with it, I am winging it and I am having a blast !

So even though something may not be in your plans, it may be better than you plan, take that chance!