Its never too late….

I am a huge believer in you can do anything at any age, you can change anything in your life, its never to late!

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful role model, my mom. She got cancer and while she was going through it decided to get her Ged, then went to college and after she graduated she got her real estate brokers license and opened up her own company,she had always been a waitress all her life and just decided to change it all.  She was 45 when she started and almost 50 when she finished.

I jumped out of a plane at 41, ran a marathon at 46, changed my career, started my own business,  left a horrible 24 year marriage and started over with nothing at 48, did a triathlon at 49! (And I sucked at swimming and hated running!)

I did it and I have never looked back, its up to you and how bad do you want it, what is holding you back? You! that’s it!

Do you drink too much? Are you still acting like your 21 when your 51? Do you want a relationship yet when one presents it self you push it away?are you in a horrible marriage and staying because your afraid?

There are a million reasons why you keep doing what your doing but not one of those is that you truly want to change because if you did , you could and you would. 

Do you look at others and think “I could never do that? I couldn’t leave my big cushy life, I like to drink and party, I could never find a great person like that, she’s just lucky”

Luck has nothing to do with it!! I got up , I said enough is enough! I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! And I made a move to change it! Fear is your biggest obstacle! That’s it, nothing else! Overcome that and you can do anything!

Believe that you can and you will, don’t wish, don’t hope , make a change at any age its never to late!