Can men and women be friends?

This has been a question long asked by both men and women,can the opposite sex be just friends?


Ask this question and you will get a lot of different responses as it was when we were talking about it with a bunch of my friends recently. 

You had the one side that said no, no way men and women cant do it, there is always sex that comes in the way, eventually you end up in bed together,  or that the guy wants to sleep with you and is just your friend for that reason.


Then there was the opposite group saying why not? I am course am in this group as I grew up mostly having male friends and since my divorce have reconnected with most of them.


I don’t get it and maybe its because I am an only child and always wanted to have brothers besides the fact guy friends don’t bring drama, you will never have a cat fight with them.


I love my guy friends like they were truly my brothers, sleep with them yuck! Would you sleep with your brother? Sexually attraction? No! I want to hook them up with my friends. 


Look a lot of people are very insecure and don’t trust their partners,  get over it! If they are going to cheat, they are going to cheat, with their best friend, with the waitress down the street, with their assistant, that’s what they do  so my view is you trust your man or women until they give you reason not to.


My guy friends have given me a lot in my life, advice, taught me things, helped me out of binds, even pretended to be my date to get rid of a creeper.

My world was not the same without them while I was married to the most insecure man on this planet,hell I was even stupid enough to cut my very best friend out of my life for him and hell he was gay!duh no threat there!

One thing I’ve learned is life is way to short, have as many friends as possible,  they enrich your life, they make things fun , they have your back , they make each day that much brighter don’t limit yourself!! You can never have too many friends!