How many miracles do we miss?

Its amazing how many miracles we see every day yet unless they are super miracles we tend to write them off.

Yes small miracles like just missing a huge accident or getting a check in the mail when you could really use the money, yes that you can believe and even then some of you still have a reason for that to happen but big miracles not so likely.

So how do you explain a flood that kills thousands and one person is alive holding on to a tree or someone who has stage four cancer then goes back and is suddenly cancer free or someone whose house is getting foreclosure on and the bank calls says your mortgage is paid off and cant explain it. These are big miracles.

We are so desensitized it takes more and more to make us believe and sometimes you are your own biggest enemy.

3 things that will prevent miracles

1 doubt

2 disobedience

3 human reasoning

God has a strange way of working miracles in your life, how many times have you missed your miracles because of the way you think or because it wasnt packaged the way you thought it should be.

God will bring strange things and strange people to you. Renew your thinking, open up your mind, do what God has asked of you and it will blow your mind all the miracles that will come into your life big and small.