Writing in spite of the haters…

People ask me all the time why do I write? it’s something I have to do, its my God given gift, its like breathing to me.

I’ve been writing since I was a child, it was ¬†comfort me when I was sad, it made me grateful when I was happy, it gave an outlet to my anger and it was always there for me.

I write now for all of these reasons but one more important one because I want to inspire others, to let them know you can overcome anything if you believe.

I write about what I am passionate about whether my beliefs, my family or my friends. I write good or bad , like me or hate me, believe it or not, I write from my heart.

Yes some days there will be the haters, who don’t like the truth and will come after me and that’s okay, I put myself out there, the good , the bad and the ugly for the world to see and judge, so I get it.

I get people will condemn me, speak ill of me or say things to make me look bad but I have chose to do this, (okay God chose for me to do this ) and I have thick skin now, especially after 24 years in a verbally abusive marriage by someone who was suppose to love you saying hateful things, having a stranger say it to me now is nothing!

I will forever write against injustice in my family or against the world, I will continue to have the backs of the people I love and call out the people who come against them.

If I am anything I am loyal and I will be your biggest cheerleader, I will fight your battles and be your voice when you can no longer speak for your self.

I will continue to be here and speak what my heart tells me to until I take my last breath, this is who I am.

I get my stories in all kind of ways, I meet a lot of people as I am always dealing with clients and I hear lots of stories, these are what and who I write about, their stories, good or bad, inspire me to write.

As do my own life experiences, I know that I have helped others with my words, I get messages and emails telling me that all the time and I am so honored that they first took the time to read my words and second that I may have been a small part in helping them.

So I will continue to use this gift, each and every day because in the end it matters little of what people here have to say, it only matters that one day I hear his voice and it says “well done, well done”