I have no doubt what my purpose is now

  • After this heart wrenching experience that I just went through I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt what my purpose in this life.

I was talking to a friend last night and he asked me why I would put my whole life out for the whole world to see, I told him because I want others to see what I went through , to give others hope that they can do whatever they set their minds to.

That no matter how dark it seems at the moment,  what life throws at you or how hurt and alone you feel , I am here to tell you I’ve been there , I’ve been through hell and back more than once and I am still standing, in fact I am better than I was before.

This whole horrible experience taught me more than anything that I must continue writing and telling my story,  I never want another women to not see the signs and even if they miss the signs to know there will still be a silver lining at the end.

I have gotten more texts, phone calls,  Facebook messages and emails about this not just showing their support but thanking me for sharing my story, yes they too felt this was about a man they are dating, they are still in the dark and don’t know how to get out.

That my blogs give them hope and inspire them to keep trying, they shared their stories,  they cried and told me  I was their hero

Me? A hero? No I am a women who has been hurt over and over and yet even after this still believes the best in people.

I still believe that God has a plan and purpose in my life , I still feel like I am blessed and I know that I am loved by my God and so many people that it should be a crime to be blessed with that many friends yet I am.

I will continue to be the voice for women that don’t have one, I will continue to try to be a better person , to forgive and still trust, I will continue to share my story and hope that it touches someones life. 

I will look at this like I try to look at everything else in my life… as a lesson, what did I have to learn? What was God trying to teach me? What will I take away from this experience?

Then I will forgive and move on to the bigger and better things God has in store for me, just a little smarter and a little wiser.