We need to own what we do

We all need to own what we do in our lives. You need to stand up and own who you are  and what choices you make. 

In the end we will all be judged on what we’ve done here on earth.

I write this blog every day, I put my self out there to be judged every day, I own each and every mistake I make and then I place it out here for you to see.

I owned that I stayed in a horrible marriage, I owned that I had a emotional affair for five years, I owned that I fell in love with a man who wouldn’t or couldn’t love me back, I owned that I was taken in by someone who used and lied and cheated, these are my mistakes and I fully stand up and take responsibility for them.

You cant blame people for your mistakes, you can’t say because I got caught and  it’s all your fault,  if you want to grow and change you must grow up and deal with the aftermath of what you have done, it is only then you will be able to change

I remember being with my girls in Ny and I was driving their Aunt Pams car and we drove it into the garage and opened the hatch not knowing the ceiling wasn’t high enough, I heard a sickening sound and we got out to see what we did. There was a dent in the back of her trunk my girls were young and said “mommy dont tell Aunt Pam, she will get mad, she won’t know “

I said “no but I will , I did this, I own this ” and I marched them upstairs to apologize and offer to pay to fix it , come to find out the dent was there from them  also not knowing the garage was too low. 

I taught them to do the right them to own what you do, to apologize and take responsibility to make things right. 

We grow, we learn, we change hopefully for the better but unless your willing to step up  and deal with your issues, you will never go on to your next level.

So own up, believe me its not so bad , at least your not doing it in front of thousands of people like I do each and every day, then forgive yourself and let it go.That is what I am doing today , I am forgiving myself and letting it go.

Life is too short for regrets! Life it big, live it to the fullest, live it with a clear heart, live it!!!