Through it all, I am still blessed

All my life I have always felt blessed even when I went through difficult times. When I fifteen and went through that horrible year, I still had faith, I still prayed,  I could still see the good through all the bad.


For a while I lost my faith,  I thought how could God let me go through all of this? But even through I stopped going to church, I still prayed and kept faith.



I am a big believer in what ever helps you get through is a good thing, whether it be therapy (I did that for years after my rape and it so helped me) or a religion,whichever it may be or just having your own thing with your own God.


You need to hold on to whatever gets you through, you have to believe that things will get better, you have to see how blessed you truly are even if everything is falling apart around you.


Even through my worst of times and I didn’t feel like I had anything,  I woke up every day and just thanked God just for waking me up, I felt like I had nothing else but he woke me up, I thanked him for my girls and their health, my health. 


I added in things one at a time, because I was too broken to be able to see the big picture and all the blessings I had.


I added I had a roof over my head, that I had food to eat when others did not. I added I had electricity and hot water when people walked miles to wash in lakes or streams, sat by fires to see, I had all of these blessings, how bad could my life possibly be?


I had a car, I had a job, I had money for gas, I could go for a meal out or buy my kids shoes, what right did I have to complain? When so many wished they had what I have.


What kind of spit in Gods face is that? If you don’t appreciate all the other blessings he has given you.

So yes I was going through the darkest time in my life, I didn’t think I would ever see the sun ever again,  I was so hurt and broken yet even going through all of that, I saw all my blessings and was grateful. 


So today with whatever you may be going through,  reach out get help, pray to whoever you pray to but stop in the middle of your storm and give thanks for all the blessings you still have.