Nothing like home town friends

There are no friends like the friends you grew up with, especially if you come from a small town where everyone knows everyone else. 


They started kindergarten with you, some of them were your very first friends you met.Some lived on the same block as you all your life. 


We were blessed to grow up in this special place and we have memories that will last a lifetime. 

It was a small town with filled with city influences from all the people we got to meet every weekend they came up to vacation. 


We knew each other’s parents, who owned the local bar, the dry cleaners,  the local hair salon, we couldn’t get away with anything because by that night it would have gotten back to your parents.


We had the mountains, to hike through and find salamanders after the rain, the lakes, that we water skied in, the crystal clear rivers to jump from rock to rock. We jumped off waterfalls and swam wherever we found water.


We skied in the winter, drove snowmobiles for miles from one persons house to another through the woods, we went ice skating on the ponds and sat in a little shack on Deyohes Park and drank hot chocolate together. 


You don’t have to explain to others things like “The well” “The old Airport”

 we all knew where the parties were at, the launch, Dillion hill,the chalet or the DU. We were locals we knew these terms.


We hung out with people older than us and people younger than us, these were the people you saw at party’s, at the diner, or the roller skating ring, we all hung out together. 


There was no discrimination, we had interracial families in the days that people were still so closed minded, yet we saw no color, we saw friends that’s all. 

We had drag queens and gays, single mothers, Jewish and Christian all living together in one small town.


We had all worked or knew someone that worked in the “hotels” The Concord, Kutchers, The Pines, Grosssingers,

We dont have to have a ten minute conversation about what a bungalow is or bungalow bunnies, the pickle man or a casino is because we know.


We know Jamesway, Leftys, Gagers, Ellorys, Joe Rotas, Gigis Pizza and The Car wash, no need for words, it instantly brings back memories. 


 We speak the same language even 40 years later, we can pick up right where we left off.

 I am blessed to have so many of us that now live in Florida and we get to once again be part of each others lives, remembering old memories and making new ones.