If things are not where you need them to be , or you do not know your purpose, or your relationship is not all you dream that it should be and you want to get out but you don’t know where to turn.

There is a answer to all of this,its called prayer, yes prayer, prayer changes things. If you truly want things to change , you need to pray.

You need to change whats not going right in your life, if you don’t like the way your cake taste, change the ingredients,  simple as that!

Maybe you need to add more kindness, more forgiveness, more faith, more peace  and maybe you need to take out hate, negative people, toxic relationships, doubt and fear.

All of this is on you, all things can change if you chose to change and it all starts with prayer.

 When you come to a point where you no longer know where to go, or you have fallen so low, you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, I am here to tell you, to give my testimony , to say yes… yes prayer changes everything!

I know when I am not praying, I feel the turmoil returns to my life and I am not talking about praying for things, praying only when your in a bind and then forgetting about it when things get better. No I am talking about even in the darkest times, praying , knowing you will be okay, keeping the faith, praying when the only prayer is a broken one,its okay he hears your prayers. 

There might be a test, how deep , how true is your faith? If your prayers aren’t answered right away, do you give up , will you do what he asks of him? Will you pray for all the answers in your life or just the ones you need immediate answers to?

I pray each and every day , I pray that he woke me up , I pray I have my girls, my home, a job , friends and family. I pray for others, yes even others who have hurt me.

 I walk away from fear, anxiety and hatred, I no longer worry about stuff, nothing! I know all will be okay as I am the child of the most high God.

 It will all be alright if I pray, if I change the ingredients if my cake isn’t tasting so good and have faith, that is all the ingredients you need to have to have a consistently great cake!