Why do men lie?

Why do men lie? This is the question my girl friends and I were asking each other the other day.  Why is it that they must feel the need to try to get over on a women? Is it to show they have the upper hand? That they are “the man”? Is it to be the big boy on campus? What is the reason for this?


Do they feel they must always look a certain way, carry themselves a certain way? To prove their worth?


I guess when you can’t fully comprehend why a person would do horrible things, its because you could never see yourself doing these same things, so you cant grasp the idea for purposely hurting another person.


When my girlfriend decided to go out with this guy who was continuing to pursue her for weeks at the gym,she thought he was nice guy, hell I thought he was a nice guy.

 ( okay,  I am not the best person to judge men!)

She went out with him and guess what Yup he lied, he was married,  now really ? Why would you lie and pursue a women when you have another at home?


Why would want to go through all the trouble to try to keep up with all your lies? People do things, to get a result you do drugs to feel the high, most people start drinking to dull a pain they have, your a sex addict because never felt loved and you keep looking for it in every person you sleep with.


So what do you get from lying? The fact you got away with it? The excitement of getting getting caught? Again we are baffled as we couldn’t imagine doing that.


My girlfriend tells me all the time about married men that hit on her(yes, she knows they are married) and it pisses her off! We know you are married, so what does that say about what you think about us? That we are okay with your lying and cheating? 


Wake up we think your a pathetic liar and cheater, it does nothing for us , no we don’t feel flattered, we don’t think it’s cute, we actually think your a slime bag, that you obviously have no respect for us, your wife or yourself. 


So the next time you chose to lie, think about why you are doing it, think about the people you are hurting and think about how others view you, You are your word and if your word is worthless , well then so are you!