Crazy a** bit****

Yesterday I wrote a blog  about lying men and I got a lot of responses from the guys that I know, wonderful sweet men that said “hey, not all men are lying dogs and btw there are some horrible women out there”


They are right and today’s blog is for all guys,that, yes there are crazy a** b****** out there and yes I know there’s a lot of them.


I know some incredible stand up guys who do the right things with their ex’s and kids and yet they are faced with crazy women , women who are so vindictive that they will lie to keep their kids away from them, they will poison their children’s mind with terrible things about their fathers, they will constantly dog them out to and in front of their children, just because they are mad.


As big of a jerk my ex is , he is a great dad , I could never or would I ever take that away from him, I want his kids to be with him and since we got separated I have never said a bad word about him to my girls! 


He’s a good dad what else could I ask for? I have a life, so I moved on forgave him and myself and got on with it.He takes care of my girls and its all good, I only want my girls happiness. 


I have a friend at work he raised his ex’s kids since they were babies,  he consider them to be his kids, when they got divorced 15 years later, she wanted to cut off all ties, even though he was paying child support for all of the kids , even the ones that weren’t his biological, that’s a man and that is one stupid women!


We were talking yesterday about a women who was getting separated, her soon to be ex left to go see his family and while he was gone she burnt up and destroyed all of his tools he used to make a living, now why would you do that? Just because its over? That’s his living, how is going to support his kids?


Another friend of mine is the best dad ever , never misses a game, a school presentation, paid big child support as he was a attorney yet his ex was pissed and called child protective services on him, because she is crazy! No other reason. Oh my god some “real” women would give their right arm to have their ex’s just involved in their kids lives, yet alone be that kind of dad.


I have seen women that no matter how good the breakup was (no cheating, no abusive, drinking , ect) they still lost their minds and years later continue to cause trouble in their ex’s lives because they can’t get over it.


I know there are always circumstances that make a person go off the deep end and yes I recently took a jump off that ledge, but I called him out and yes I called his wife (Sorry guys do the right thing and you wouldn’t have to worry about it!) Then I forgave and got on with my life. 


Little back note here I am friends with all of my ex’s except for the ones who cheated, 2 of them, I no longer have any use for cheaters and liars. 


Yes both men and women can go off the deep end when first confronted with a lying, cheating spouse but on a whole that doesn’t make you crazy, it makes you human. 

So yes there are crazy a** bi**** out there and for no other reason besides they are mad (and nuts!) Will cause you nothing but grief when you break up.


but just like the plenty of good, kind , sweet, loyal, faithful men I know and have the privilege of calling my friends,  there are just as many wonderful women out there and there again I am privileged to call many of them my friends.


So no, I would never say all men are dogs or all women are crazy, You have to see a person for who they are in their hearts and no matter how many times you are burnt still believe the best in people. 


That is what I try to do each and every day and what I try to put out there by writing this blog.


So today try to see the best in a person and see what happens.