Why are you letting it get to you?

Yesterday while I was at work, one of my guys from the back came in complaining of clients and factory delays , he was so upset and was just really letting it get to him, I couldn’t help but laugh and he turned to look at me like he thought I was nuts.


He wanted to know what I thought was so funny, I explained I had just wrote a blog about being happy and that all the stuff that happens with this business or my business means nothing when it comes to my inner happiness. 


Yes things are going to go wrong, clients are going to yell, but none of it will effect my happiness, this is not what makes my life complete,  yes we all have to work for a living but its not who you are truly.


It’s not the end all to be all, it is what you have to do to pay the bills, if you happen to love your job its that much easier but it still doesn’t give you all your happiness.


So if its a bad day, am I going to let it affect my joy, oh hell no , I am going to laugh it off and go on with my happy self, piss on you! You will not steal my joy!


People, so many of you take life so seriously,  laugh, life is way to short, put it in prospective. 


One day me and my girlfriend were riding our bikes on the board walk,  it was a beautiful midweek day and we both happened to be lucky enough to be off and enjoy it, there was hardly anyone on the boardwalk, the wind was blowing, the ocean was blue and flat, just the most perfect day to be at the beach.


We were driving side by side just talking about how lucky we were to be here enjoying this day when this older lady came from the other direction and screamed at us “SINGLE FILE!!!”


She was so angry that we weren’t riding single file on the bike path, her face was red, the veins were coming out in her neck, she had her fist in a ball waving it at us, she was pissed off!!


Well… I started to laugh so hard I almost fell off my bike, really?? Its a beautiful day, we are alive and healthy to be able to do this, is this what is going to set you off? Really,? Us not driving in single file!


I laughed for a good 20 minutes because I felt sorry for her to be so angry about something so minor, you have  problem and dear God I don’t ever want those problems.


Enjoy every second you are given, be fully in the moment, laugh loud and often, let the stresses of work go, let the stresses of life go, you worrying about them changes nothing! Nothing!


  Tell me one time that your worrying effected an out come of something,  never! So why waste that emotion? Let it go, be happy, break out of your single file life and laugh!!


I promise you, things will look so much better when you do!