Yet another change!

I’m always writing that everyone can change and not be afraid of it, so yet again I am going to change another part of my life.


So many of us sit around saying “I wish I could do this or I wish I could do that” yet you never do anything about it.


 I write this blog to be able to inspire people, that no matter what age you are, what sex, what background or what religion you are, we all want the same things, we all want to (or should want to) change and that we all can change if we truly want to.


I know that you can change and you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it, if you follow my blog “change” has become my new middle name!


I changed my situation, got out of a horrible marriage, I started my own business, I started over with nothing, I recently kicked to the curb a lying, cheating boyfriend, I know about change! 


I know you all followed me when I first decided to do my first 5 k and I wrote how I hated to run and could hardly make it to the end of my block, but I started a “bucket list” and this was on it.


You were here when I started to train for a triathlon,  this from a person that didn’t even swim, I wanted to show people that even if I couldn’t swim, that I didn’t like running and that I was turning 49, you can do it,if you truly wanted something, you could make it happen.Bonus was I came in 3rd in my age group! Who would have thought?Surely not me!


 So recently I got together with an old high school friend Scott,he has always been an inspiration, he’s always excited and positive and he’s always been trying to help others as for as long as I can remember and here he was in the best shape of his life at 50 and trying to help others do the same.


We got to talking about how fitness isn’t a fad to us, its a way of life. Do you know how many days working out got me through a bad day? Oh yes some days it was the only thing I held on to, to keep me sane!


My life is my fitness,Hell I write this blog while I am on the treadmill each and every day! So all of this goes hand in hand. 


 God has opened up yet another door for me putting together my two favorite things I am blessed to do, writing and fitness!


I am pleased to announce I am now a Beach Body Coach! I am going to yet again walk you through another thing I thought I could never do, to get into the best shape of my life when I turn the big 50! 


Yes to show you life is so not over because you are 50, divorced and single, oh hell no! This is going to be the best part of your life!


I will show you and inspire you that even if you’ve been kicked down, you have been hurt, you have a horrible upbringing,  you feel like you have hit rock bottom, there is a rainbow out there and there is a pot of gold for you, but you have to want it, you have to want to change, you have to overcome the fear that paralyzes you!


Of course you know I will be bringing some of my friends on this journey with me and will be writing about it, the good , the bad and the cheats (oh please,you all know I am so not perfect and I love pizza!) But we will get through this together just like we have gotten through everything else with an inspiring word, some funny stories and a helping hand to let you know you can do this!


So join me on this new journey, it is going to be life changing, I promise you!


If you want more information inbox me or call me 954 600 0426