exercising is like brushing my teeth something I do everyday

I have been working outfor as long as I can remember, in high school I was one of two girls in the weight room (I giess that’s what happens when your a tom boy)

In college I took weight lifting as a gym course.


 I don’t remember a time I haven’t worked out, while I was pregnant until I was put on bed rest I worked out, after giving birth I bought dvds to work out toas soon as the girls were old enough to be taken to the day care at the gym I was back there, kids in tow. 


To me working out is like brushing my teeth, its something I do each and every day and if I don’t I feel yucky, just like when you don’t brush your teeth. 


I have worked out with multiple injuries, a broken arm, a broken foot, broken toe, shoulder injuries,  carpel tunnel, you ne it I have modified it to keep coming.


So when people say to me “oh I wish I had your body or its so easy for you, your little” it gets to me! Really is it easy to wake up each and every morning at 5 am when all you want to do is sleep? Is it easy to drag yourself to the gym when your body is screaming in pain? Is it easy when you have a million things to do in your head yet you block them all to give yourself an hour at the gym ? Or when my girls were little and kept trying to interpret me as I was working out in front of the TV?


No! None of it is easy , Hell if it was easy everyone would do it.

Let’s be honest, you have to work for what you truly want, in any aspect of life, your job, your marriage and yes your body and your health. 


There are days I don’t want to be herr , there are days when I eat that cake, there are days that I go to a party and eat and drink way more than I know I should and the next day I so dont want to be here but I come, I am so not perfect , I keep telling you all that!


But I say okay, I did it, iys over and tomorrow is another day to turn it back around. You can deprived yourself, you have to enjoy life and live, but you also want to be around, healthy to enjoy it as well.


Its a balancing act, just like everything in this life is, you eat right, you exercise,  you feel better, you look better but you also need to eat that slice of pizzza(okay I am a New Yorker after all) Here’s the balancing one or two slices and a cold beer, what is better than that? Then yhe rest of the week, you eat healthy and not say oh I fell off my routine so I will just eat everything in the refrigerator!


Balance people, balance not I was so tired I didn’t work out so I blew it,  this isn’t working I quit,No! You fell off okay, now get back on, no excuses!


I am just like everyone out there reading this, I work fulltime ( I am like a Jamaican, I got 3 jobs Monn..you got to say it with a Jamaican accent..) I have two high school girls who dont drive I am taci service, I have a social life, bills, a house, grocery shopping and cleaning just like all of you and yet I fo it, there is no excuses if you want to change your life, none!


You can do it, make you a priority in your life, you know how in an airplane thry tell you to put on your air mask, then help your kids, well if you not well , healthy, in shape how are you going to help your kids? You won’t be able to!


So get up, brush your teeth and start to do something healthy, in 21 days it will become a habit and just like brushing your teeth , you will do it everyday