Steps to a healthier you

It’s not a mystery on how to live a healthier lifestyle, people make it seem like “ohhh I don’t know how to do it, I’m not a gym rat, I don’t know how or I don’t have time” Yes I hear that all the time,


So today I will unlock all the secrets of a healthier you.


Step 1: Get up and do something! Anything! Yes I get it you don’t have time, but somehow in the morning you can tell me about the five new Tv shows you watch equaling up to 5 hours?  But yet you you don’t have an 1/2 to exercise? Really? I was a night child but not last night!


If you really want it you would be doing it so to recap step 1 do something!


Step 2: Change your attitude, yes to become healthier you need to change your attitude, stop saying I can’t run, I can’t go to the gym,I am to heavy, too old, have a bad back, knees, fill in the blanks… heard it all.


If you read my blog last week I said I’ve worked out with a broken arm, broken leg, broken toe, carpal tunnel, hurt shoulder, you name it I worked out while it was hurt. You just change and modify until you get stronger.


This step is the most crucial as your brain tells you what you can and can not do, if you think you can do it , you will!


You tube the marathon runners whi collapsed right before the got to finish line ,their legs were like jello, they tried to get up only to fall over and over but so determined to finish they crawled to the finish line, yes their bodies said they couldn’t do it but their minds said oh yes you can!


3- Start to eat right , I was a Pepsi addict, I drank 2,2 liters a day! Yes you read that right 2, 2 liters, I ate junk , I never ate veggies, unless it came with my bloody Mary, hey I thought that counted,  the only fruit I ate was orange juice to take my aspirins with for my hang over.


When I became clean, I stopped drinking, I cut my soda to one can a day , then to 5 cans a week, to 3 and now I will have a can on the weekends, but bring a 2 liter in my house and its over.


So you have to know your limits, don’t buy Oreos if they are your weakness, buy a small pack, start small, I started eating salads , hated them but kept trying new things in them, I stopped going to the drive through,  I made my lunch and brought it to work, no it didn’t come over night and no it wasn’t easy.


If you want sugar coating read someone else’s blog, how many times have I told you , its not easy, if it was everyone would look like a sports illiterate model lets get real here!


But I am here to tell you nothing feels as good as when you accomplished something you set your mind to, you know you did it! When I crossed the finish line on the triathlon (yes it was a wuzzy one) I was so proud! Me, the person who was afraid and sucked at swimming, who hated to run, was crossing the finish line of something I never dreamed I vould do! The feeling was beyond words!


So that’s it folks, 3 easy steps to chanhe your life and become healthier, yup tha5s it! Surprised huh? Yeah so was I , your lying, there has to be more, I hear you saying, nope!


1 get up move , do something , find something you enjoy, bike, yoga, Zumba, running,  whatever just get moving.


2 change your attitude, get rid of negative people , say yes you can!


3 start to change your eating habits, cut of fast foods, eat healthier!


Sorry to bust your bubble, but that’s it!


So change your life, today it’s never to late, 3 small steps to a better life!