The steps to hear God’s voice

In the last year every day I am in a constant state of grace and gratefulness. 

I gave it all over to God and realized that I cannot do this on my own, it was too big for me to handle, I needed help, big help, his help.


Now when I talk about God , this is my walk , you may or may not believe in God and that’s fine, its about whatever gets you through your day, if it works for you then its good!


But this is what got me through my dark times, I let go, I only looked at the positive, I was grateful for even the smallest things, before becoming grateful for everything,I cut out negative people from my life, I forgave others but most importantly myself. 


Yes, there are steps to get you where you want to go but when you get there it is amazing!


Here are some questions to start with:


Do you only see the negative in life?


Is  your entire faith walk is driven by your senses?


Do you have to see it? Do you have to touch it for it to be true?


Faith is the belief in things unseen…

so if you want to know what worked for me here are the three steps that taught me to hear Gods voice.

1- You must submit yourself to him.


He doesn’t force you to want to hear him.

He is there if you seek him out. 


2-Read and apply his word to your life.


Yes we are all human and God knows how many times I have screwed up, but I keep trying to be better, I keep trying to apply his word to everything I do.


3-Be spirit driven.


Always feel the spirit in you, it will tell what is right and wrong, it will guide you, it will fill your soul with peace and joy.


Last year I decided that my motto would be:

Where he leads me I will follow. ..

That’s it, I will not ask questions, I will not complain if it was not what I wanted or prayed for, whatever comes I will be grateful, I will give praise, I will not worry, it is not my will it is his, I let it all go.

I decided I was not going to have:

Ego= edging God out

I obviously have made some really messed up decisions on my own, so I was going to quit and let him make them for me.


I have never had so much peace and joy as I have felt this year, this is my journey and how I got here, if it works for you great, if you got there another way great as long as each and every day you feel like your in a state  of grace and gratitude.