The results of a vision board

I started my vision board when I started to find my voice back in 2008. I was watching Oprah and she was talking about having a vision board to put out to the universe what you wanted, what you wanted to attract, you know the whole “secret” what you put out you get back, so I decided to try it.


I was on a mission to break free from this horrible marriage and if this was going to help, I was going to try.


I bought a canvas I started with a quote that said “2008 is your year!”  I than cut out quotes that touched me or inspired me, things I wanted to inspire to or be like and I glued them on there as well.


Things like

You can do it.

You are fearless

Have faith

Never give up hope


Then I cut out pictures of what I wanted my home to be, furniture, paintings whatever I wanted to see in my new home, I had pictures of my couch, my dining room set, the bedroom.all glued up there. 


I then placed places I would love to visit, Greece, Hawaii, Paris,  Italy,  Egypt.


Now I went to what I wanted to manifest in my career and finances, I had a picture of Oprah, because I always wanted to be a speaker on her show, I had a picture of a book that said New York Times best seller, I had pictures of public speakers I’d admired and wanted to be like.


I put pictures of the home on the water I wanted, pictures of money, pictures of my church and the things I would do for them when I hit it big.

I put pictures of healthy people in love,relaxing pictures that brought me peace and joy when I looked at them.


I put up bible quotes, I put up quotes about love and loving myself, whatever touched me and what I wanted to see each and every day.


Then I put it over my washer and dryer since I was always in there by myself (since no one helps with laundry,I’d have peace in there to sit and invision my new life)


I would stand there for hours washing and folding clothes while starting and seeing what my life was going to look like, be like. I could actually feel it, it was so real to me.


I knew without a shadow of a doubt that all these things were going to come to pass. 


Yes, my ex gave me crap about it, some friends laughed at me but it never diminished my belief. 


Imagine that when I finally moved out and got my own place, it ended up looking just like my vision board, I became what I posted, strong, independent, fill of joy and peace, I’ve started speaking in public, I am happy and at peace.


I am looking forward for the rest of my things on my board to come to pass and am working on yet another one with bigger and better things. 


So today put out there what what want, what you expect to happen and then believe that it will, that’s all, simple as that!

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