Sex and the city ….Today

I have to tell you dating today compared to twenty five years ago is so different, the last few years I have had so many changes it has made my head spin.


Illness, deaths, divorce, career changes, and yes dating,  all which have been hard and scary but it is always how you look at things, is it a burden or a blessing? its up to you to chose how you see it.


I always chose to see the good and with dating I chose to see the funny and then share with my friends.


All of my friends said try online dating, since we never had this years ago and I am not into the bar scene and have a full and busy life, I thought why not, another change in my life, lets give it a shot.  


Let’s start with Mr . Italian who asked me if I was Italian (what my name Francesca didn’t give that away?) Then he asked if I was ever beaten with a spoon? ( was he really Italian, cause if he was that was a requirement of a Italian mother) I said yes, then he asked if I ever hit my girls with a wooden spoon (did you not get the last part? I am now wondering if he was a little slow)


Here it comes but because I haven’t dated in 24 years I don’t see it coming. 

He then asks if I could beat him with the wooden spoon! What?? Did he just write that to me? 



Next thing I learned always read everything in a profile, take Mr.Sneak things in his likes on his profile had about 100 and I am not joking!


 I glanced through them and wrote him back, he asks did I read his profile, I say yes he says did you catch it? Catch what? I say. The whip and chains part…. really I can’t make this shit up!


No, I didn’t catch that part, after all didn’t you get the previous part about having a life and not having tine to read 100 things someone likes to do, obviously the whips and chains weren’t in bold letters!


He goes on to say, he is just looking to have fun,  I say then why is your profile saying you want a relationship?why dont you list that your a freak looking for a one night stand and not waste everyone’s time?

He goes on to tell me I am a prude and close minded! Ha!wait… listen to this… DELETE!!


My girlfriend started chatting with  this guy when out of the blue he texts her his ass! Yes a picture of his ass! She doesn’t skip a beat and texts by why are you sending me a picture of your ass? Does it look better than your face?he writes back lol, really? Yup you guessed it DELETE and go ahead guess his new name… Yup you guessed that too Mr.Assman!


We have names and stories for all the guys that we have encountered, which we decided that we are going to write a book about it! We would love to hear your stories as I know in this age of technology there has to be plenty!


Look dont be a man hater, dont think there is no good men out there, that they are all freaks, have fun with it, call your girlfriend have a really good laugh in the morning on your way to work like I do! Laughter is the best medicine, at least get something good out of it!


Don’t take life so seriously, enjoy , laugh and then write a blog about it! Gotta love where I get all my ideas from!


Gotta run, Mr.Dallas is texting me!