Life is too short you need to forgive. .

Life is way to short, you must forgive the people in your life, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

We have all done and said things to our loved ones that we regretted, that if we could have, we would have gone back in time to take back.


I posted something yesterday that said your words cut more than a knife. I know this for a fact, I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of that knife, so that has made me very careful of my words to everyone in my life, I chose my words carefully so that I never hurt others as I was hurt.


Look we all make mistakes, we all screw up, we all say or do things in anger and then what happens is, we are ashamed, we are too proud to say we are sorry, we know we are right, we will not give in and so weeks , months and years go by with both people not waiting to give in.


My mother was my best friend and a wonderful mother yet she did some things that hurt me to the core, she told me to suck it up, she said I could never make it on my own when I came to her to pour my heart out that I was dying in my marriage. 


How does your own mother say that she didn’t think you could make it?

The hurt was beyond words and yes I was pissed, we didn’t speak for a while, when I realized she is my mother and no she is not perfect, she only knew what she was taught, she also didn’t have a handbook to raise a child, they don’t come with one, we are all winging it!


We do some incredible things and we screw up big time. Look at where this coming from, how was that person raised?  My grandmother was a bitter, mean women, my mother couldn’t talk to her about anything, in her generation, you sucked it up, you didn’t talk about things, there was none of this touchy feely thing!


They survived wars, depressions, no food, lack of everything, they were tough. 


Maybe your parents were Bi polar,  maybe they drank, maybe they were raised with no affection,  these are a few of the reasons that they might have done or said certain things.


My mom could talk about anything that wasn’t personal, I never came to her with boy problems, deep issues, hell after I was raped and she took me to get the abortion when we were going home she said “okay this is done, we shall never talk of this again” like dusting it under the rug was going to make it go away or make it all better.


 That is how she coped with things. Yes I was upset and  hurt, I needed to talk, I was young  and scared but she could not, I cannot hate her or be angry for skills she didn’t process.  


So I forgave her, she was my mother, she did the best she knew how to, that is all she could.


Maya Angelo who just pasted away was one of my favorite authors she use to say “when you know better, you do better” 



That is perfect,because maybe your mom was a baby when she had you, she didn’t know how to raise herself yet alone a baby, maybe now knowing the things she does, she would have done  it differently. 


You need to forgive, you need to let it go, you never know when life is going to end, look my mom was healthy and one day she was here and the next she was gone, now if I was still angry with her , I would have missed all the times up until she died. 


I would have had regrets for the rest of my life, I would have wished things could have been different. 


Don’t let fights, words or anger get to you and keep you away from the ones you love.

Say your sorry, forgive, except an apology, you will never know if this might be the last day you see them.


Live life with no regrets!