Knowing your purpose

It is not hard to find out your purpose, You must push past the obstacles in life to find out your purpose and to live it out.


Are you asking is this all there is to life? There has to be more then this?

Why am I here?


You need to find your purpose, to find what you love and when you do,it will fill your soul.


 I know a lot of people think that everything will fall into place when you are a Christian, you will automatically know your purpose then.


That all will be perfect, let me tell you being a Christian is not easy, just because you turn over your life to God doesn’t mean your life will be without issues.


 but when you know your in the will of God,when you have strong faith, even in your trials you are still in your purpose, even though your purpose will attract a lot of distraction, you still are on course. 


Why aren’t you living out your purpose? It is because you are afraid , criticism and opposition?


The failures that you have are lessons you need to learn, don’t be afraid, we have all failed, but its what we learned and how it makes us smarter and tougher than before.


When troubles come your way, consider it a opportunity for great joy, for you know your faith is tested your endurance has a chance to grow.


I remember when things were perfect, when I had gotten divorced, I was filled with peace and joy, I was strong in my faith, knowing my purpose and my God, when yet again the rug was ripped out from under me.


I didn’t let it get me down, in the mist of my pain, I prayed, I was grateful,  I knew that God was there for me and I knew that this was just a lesson I needed to learn.


So let it your faith grow, for when your endurance is fully developed you will be perfect and complete. 


Don’t be afraid that people will talk about you, whether its true or not.


I put my whole life out there for the world to judge, I know people will say some horrible things about me and have right on my blog page, but I know this is my purpose and I will continue to do this, so go ahead and talk.


Walk with your head held high, this is your purpose, this is your faith walk , mot anyone else’s.


To fulfill your purpose in life you must believe, that’s it! It’s that simple, believe that it is the will of God, believe that you will follow and believe in your heart that this is your gift, God has chosen you to give it to, nurture it, care for it, make it the best gift you have ever received because it is!


When I write, I am lost, I can write for hours, I don’t need food, I don’t hear whats going on around me, I am in my zone, this is my purpose, it doesn’t feel like work, it flows, it is my calling.


When you realize that and you do all of that, you will know you are walking in your purpose, you will have a sense of peace and joy like you have never felt before. 


So today reach down deep, find what you do best with the least amount of effort, that my friend is your purpose,  now go after it! Live your life with purpose!