Does it make you feel better to speak to others like that?

I’ve noticed through out of my life that some people need to put others down in order to make themselves feel good or at least that’s the way I see it, why else would you do something like that to another human being that has feelings.


 It’s beyond my comprehension, we are all people, we all have feelings, we all screw up, there is no need for another human being to ever be little or put down another person unless they’re trying to make himself look and feel better.


I remember my cousin always putting down her little sister and I, she always had to tell everyone how much smarter she was than us, how she spoke better and acted like she was always superior to us.


My ex constantly put me down, I could never do anything right, I could never make it without him, I was useless and he took every opportunity to tell me these things and plenty of others I couldnt write on here.


He was smarter, worked harder, no one could do it as well as he could, and it wasn’t just me, no his mother , brother and sister felt his cutting tongue as well.


I have a friend, he is a great guy except he feels like he needs to let everyone know that he has risen up from a poor past to have a doctrine and many letters behind his name.


Hey, that’s great but just because you spent a hundred thousand dollars on education doesn’t make you better than any one else, smarter? Yes better Not a chance! Education doesn’t buy you sensitivity. 


He has a great bunch of installers working for him, they are sweet, kind and hard working, no they don’t have degrees but they can craft things with their hands that would blow your mind.


He had told them in front of everyone that a monkey could do their job, that they are morons, jackass’s, idiots.

They will work 6 days a week,10 hours a day for him, the clients love then and they are committed to making this company work, yet he speaks to them like this.


Why? Why do people do this? What do they get out of it? What do they feel they are lacking deep down that you must treat another like this?


My life’s journey is to build someone up, to tell them they can do it, that nothing is impossible if you want it.


Every day I write to try to inspire others, I think no matter what you’ve done, you can change, that everyone has good inside of them, that I will always feel this way, yes I will get hurt , yes people might think I live in la la land but its okay, this is who I am, who I chose to be.


So the next time you open your mouth up to cut someone else down, think about how you would feel on the receiving end, how your feelings would hurt and how eventually everyone you love and everyone in your life WILL walk away.


 Remember karma is always watching!