The definition of insanity

What is the definition of insanity?  It is when you keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Why do we do that? Why do we keep trying to do things over and over expecting different results? We want it to be different, we will it to be different, we pray for it to be different, yet tine and time again the results are the same!


We stay in the same relationship for years after years hoping that he wont cheat or lie again yet there he goes with another excuse of why he strayed again and you take him back.

We let our spouse physically and verbally abuse us, they cry and say they are sorry, that they will never do it again and then next month you are crying yet again from the words that cut you to the core.

The drunk that lives with you, the pill popper that swears in a drunken haze that this will be the last time you will cleaning the puke off their faces and the next week you are there doing just that.

Yet, ever promise, every tear, you believe that things will change,  it will be better and each time you seem like the star of the movie Groundhogs day, where he wakes up every day re playing the same day over and over, except this is not a movie, this is your life!!

You need to take a step of faith, you never to know its never going to change, if it hasn’t by now it never will!

Don’t get me wrong I am a big believer in change, that people can change, that you should have forgiveness, that everyone deserves  second chance, yes I do believe that but I also believe in cutting your loses, running when its beneficial to your health and well being.

I promote self wellness, not fairytales again people I am not here to sugar coat things,  if you want that, watch Willy Wonka,  I’m not him!

Be real, open your eyes, listen to your inner voice, the one you try to quiet , to justify by your excuses, the one that is screaming get out, not true, their lying!

That one, listen that voice it  knows the truth, even if you are wearing your rose colored glasses, that voice sees it all!

So stop the insanity today! Get off this crazy ride you are on , stop doing the same things expecting different results, its unbelievable what change can do to your life, I am a living witness to that, Hell if I can do it, you’ll have no problem. “Be the change you want to see”