Let’s talk about sex baby…

There’s a song that says let’s talk about sex baby but if that’s all you got in your relationship you’re sadly mistaken to think you even have a relationship.


Yes,it’s a great part of a relationship but it’s not the end all to be all, if you can’t talk, it you have no trust, if the other person is putting you down, belittling you, if you have nothing else but sex, then you’re fooling yourself.


Yet I’ve seen people stay in horrible relationships because of this one thing… really?? You are miserable but hey you have great sex? 


Are you worried that you will never have great sex again? Or that no one else will love you? Are you afraid of being alone?

Why are you there?


Yes we all stay for stupid reasons , well to us they are not stupid, we justify them, they make sense to us.


For years my friends told me to leave my ex husband, and let me tell you the sex wasn’t even all that and I still stayed, I knew it was bad, I was miserable yet I was still there.


Why? I didn’t know my own worth, I didn’t think I could make it, I didn’t love myself to expect better so I stayed and no matter how many times people tried to talk sense into me, I wasn’t hearing it.


So my friend, know your worth, know you are a good and kind person, know that you have a good heart, know that even without a relationship you are still whole.

Know that you are loved for you and not for things you have or don’t have, loved in spite of past mistakes, loved because we know the true you.


If you want to change, you can, I am the biggest advocate of change, but you must want this, you must take the first step to make yourself truly happy from the inside out.


I have learned that a lot of the things that used to make me “happy” were like band aids covering up and masking my pain and hurt, I learned that I am good without all of the stuff, without filling myself up with drugs, liquor and men, fancy pocketbooks or expensive shoes. I learned I have joy in my heart and that is priceless and trust me when you find it my friend, nothing will compare not even great sex.


So the next time you say your staying because …. fill in the blanks ask yourself are you truly happy? Do you have peace and joy in your heart? If the answer is no its time to move on and find it in yourself before you try to fill it with sex or another person.