Haters beware!

There are all kinds of people out there that are haters, they might not even know you but believe me they are hating on you just the same.


See when you are full of light and goodness there will be plenty of haters trying to suck that goodness from you.


People can’t imagine how you are so peaceful, how you have such joy in your heart, how can she still believe when everything is tumbling down around her?


And when they see great things happening in your life and they think you are lucky, hum… why can’t I be that lucky they say, why do they get that ? Be able to do that? I am better, smarter, prettier than they are, it should be me! They say.


They see all that you have and they think they deserve it more than you and they hate you for it.


What they fail to understand is that light, that goodness can not be bought, that comes from within, you know you are not lucky, no, you know you are blessed. 


You know this journey is not about you and what you can get, its about others and how you can be a blessing to others with the gifts God gave you.


You look for the good in people , even when others see none, you find a good heart. You give of yourself to help people, this is your purpose.  


You never compare yourself with others as you know that behind every smile is a heartbreaking story and truth be told if you heard their story, you would be happy for the life you have.


You know that good will always triumph over evil, that in the end your good deeds will pay off when their hatred will eat them up inside.


You know that material things do not make you happy, that true happiness must come from within. 


And you know that what ever box you are wrapped in, whatever facade you are trying to present to the world, that if you have hatred, jealousy and envy in your soul, that is what eventually shines through, just as your goodness shines through their evil heart will be revealed.


Do not worry about haters, my friends because haters make you better , haters make you stronger, they might tear you down for a second, but you will prevail in the end as God has given you this gift for a reason, remember no weapon formed against you shall prosper. 


Yes, you are the chosen one, you will overcome.