A blast from your past…

When you haven’t spoken to someone in years and then they show back up in your like, its like a blast from your past.
It seems amazing when they comes back into your life, all of a sudden all these memories come flooding back.

Some bad, some good, some watered down and some forgotten. You forgot the reason why you are no longer together, you search your memory and you laugh because even after all this time past, they can still make you laugh.

One sentence can transport right back to a time when you were young and you were happy.It brings a smile to your face remembering that sweet moment.

Yes, last night I was transported back to my 21st birthday, how happy I was, how cocky I was thinking that I had the world by the balls and I was invincible.
Ahhh… yes these were the days… young and in love, the world at your feet.
The spontaneous things you did the Christmas’s you spent together, the romance, the laughs, the plans you made…

Then life throws you a curve ball and yet again the rug is pulled out from under you and you are not sure which way is up, you are scared and you run because that is what you know how to do, you don’t have the skills to stand and fight.

Remember my favorite saying “when you know better, you do better” You didn’t know better, you were hurt and you retreated, right or wrong, it is what you did. At the time it was the right thing to do but looking bad with old eyes… maybe not so much.

You realize when your grown, that it takes work, that you don’t run when things aren’t your way or when things get tough, you dig in and you fight but when your young, well, you know none of this.

These things shape your life, these memories make you who you are and who you become.These are lessons you learn hopefully and you learn from them in the next relationship.

Your fault, my fault who knows… all that matters was that this person touched your heart, was a huge part of your life and where you are today and you are truly grateful for it all.

So today, I am here to say I am sorry for all I did, I am sorry for any pain I may have caused you and I want to thank you for being there in my time of need, for teaching me love and romance, how to laugh at myself, to be there for family and friends and just for being you.

I again am grateful for the lessons I have learned, I wish you peace and joy in your life and thanks for the memories.